Expedition Dust day 85

I climbed out of my sleeping bag and wandered off to the hot springs to soak my feet before the day ahead. As I pulled on my pants, I discovered I had pretty much been eaten alive by mosquitoes, my legs were absolutely covered in small red lumps. The statement I made to Ben last night started replaying in my head, “mosquitos don’t make me itch”. Oh my god these bloody Aussie mossies make me itch. After a short soak I headed back to where my bike was and packed my things into my bike bags!

I had a Radix for breakfast and then, after making a plan with Ben I hit the road. On my way out of the springs I used the pay phone that was at the rangers station to call Ngaio and let her know I was leaving for the Simpson. It was such a treat to hear her voice. When I was done I grabbed my bike and started spinning. I put the trailer on the vehicle that’s taking Ben across the Simpson desert. Without that the bike handles very differenty. I can go much faster over the sand which is great. It’s nice having Ben and the guys crossing the desert with me, it’s a great opportunity to learn from them about life and who knows possibley even teach them a thing or two!