Dry as a bone-Expedition Dust day 77

Last night was another battle with the matt, I have looked all over it and can’t find anything that even remotely resembles a hole. I thought it’s possible that it’s leaking along the midline of the bottom as I fold it in half before I roll it. I put a strip of duct tape down the middle before I packed it, I won’t know until the evening if it worked. I was pretty slow to pack up this morning and didn’t get moving until after 10am, before I left I climbed up a nearby hill to send the daily update and some photos to Ngaio.

Ruby was feeling good, we pushed our bikes back down the narrow valley we had been camping in and out onto the road to begin our day. I put my glasses on, made sure Ruby was ready and set off!

My expectation for the day was to cover 50km but I’m not to fussed about how far we actually get. The road was like bloody corogation street, the landscape is beginning to look more and more desert like, the sand hills are getting bigger and the trees only grow on the banks of the dry riverbed. I feel as though we have been climbing since we left Alice Springs a few days ago, there definitely feels like a lot more up than down.