Expedition Dust day 56-63

The sky was glowing a beautiful pink colour and the wind was whistling though the valleys behind where I had put my tent. I clambered out into the cold and looked around. I said aloud “ Brando you are in one of the most beautiful places in the world doing what you love”. I was excited to set off and ride through the national park to Yulara. I could hear the first of the buses beginning to show up in the car park that was 100m to my north, I had made the decision to talk to one of the bus drivers and see if they could take my trailer into town as it was in no state to be towed behind my bike. The first guy i spoke to told me he didn't have any room and that i should wait for a bus called the hop on hop off. I went and sat down with a few of the older tourists who didn't want to commit to trying to walk up the track. I asked them how their day was and started sharing my story with them, after half an hour i got sick of waiting for the bus and asked the next person who looked like they had space in there truck, the kind man driving said he lived in Yulara and that he would be more than happy to help me out and he would drop the trailer to the post office for me to pick up when i got to town. I was totally relieved to not have to worry about that anymore and set off up the walkway on foot to see Kata Tjuta up close.

I actually don't even have the right words to describe how this place makes me feel, i was in total awe and felt as if i was being drawn in. As i made my way into one of the valleys the size of this ancient river formation was such a powerful reminder of how insignificant humans really are compared to nature. I just stood at the head of the valley watching tourist after tourist experiencing t