Expedition Dust day 55

When I woke up, I could hear the sand hitting the tent, it was blowing a gale outside! It had been a cold night and I didn’t sleep very well. I got dressed and unzipped the tent, it became apparent that it was going to be a hard day riding into the wind. I got the fire going to warm myself and boil some water for a radix. After everything was packed away I stood looking into the distance at Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) mentaly preparing myself for the day ahead.

I headed down to the road, the dust was blowing into my eyes so I got out my goggles. I started bouncing over the corrugations heading toward Yulara. It didn’t take long before the first car zoomed past adding to the already dusty morning, the second car stopped and a friendly couple gave me few chocolate chip muesli bars before continuing on their way. Progress was very slow and after the first hour I worked out that with the headwind I was only averaging 7.8kmh. At this rate it was going to be a very long day. Car after car went past, some wave, some don’t, some slow down to not cover me in dust and some just speed up to cover me in more, you never really know!