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Dusty expedition setbacks.

The past few days of what was supposed to be the final days of planning have been stressful beyond belief. There been set back after set back, it’s really tested both Loren and I, but we know that these are only small in comparison to what we are about to face in the outback.


Our first set back was arriving in Perth to realise that a lot of our gear hadn’t arrived, but most importantly the Burley trailers weren’t there. Loren and I opened the parcel only to find the spare trailer wheels and other parts. After a long and confusing phone call with the delivery company no one really knew where they were, and we weren’t sure what to do.

Loren working hard to get the bikes ready.

This set us back in so many ways. It meant we couldn’t load all the gear into the bikes, we couldn’t take the bikes for rides with all of the weight in them to see if this expedition was even physically possible. We started to think that we might not even be able to carry all of the water that we needed on the trip in the Stealth bike bags alone.

Luckily on Monday they turned up! Now we were just waiting on five 10L water bags (very important), and the Goal Zero solar panels (also kinda essential) and the Pelican cases to secure all of our emergency devices. We knew we wouldn’t be able to get our ride up to Steep Point if we didn’t have all our gear. This meant we couldn’t make our start day of biking on Wednesday 15th, so we pushed it back a day much to both of our disappointment.

Setting up the Burley COHO XC

Now, my bike is currently in the shop having some fixable problems with the hub, our ride has fallen through purely because of timing. In classic Brando style I put to much on my plate and didn’t leave enough time to sort it all out. (I procrastinated for too long.) I was starting to feel the ADHD clouds roll into my head. Its been a overwhelmingly stressful few days for both Loren and I. That combined with the time difference we are trying to get used to, has left us feeling just a touch fragile.

We aren’t in the best of head spaces leading into the start of the expedition, everything is so rushed, frantic, I’m not feeling prepared and don’t have enough time to get everything done that we need to. So I have decided to delay the beginning of the trip for a few more days. As much as we want to get going, I want to begin this expedition mentality on a high, with no stress. It’s best that we are as prepared as we can be, in terms of equipment and in our minds so we are strong enough for the start of this incredible journey. We will probably be in Perth for a few more days before we set off but we are in fantastic company staying with my amazing relatives.

Everything is going to be just fine!


Three ways I manage my planning stress.

1. Make sure I'm eating and hydrating properly (happy belly, clear mind).

2. I really suck at this but, know when to ask for help - insert cliche quote (a problem shared is a problem halved).

3. I just stop for a moment to write a list, for me when I can see the things I have to accomplish or overcome it makes them seem a lot less daunting.

If it all gets too much (which it sometimes does) just make a new plan. In the big picture its not the end of the world you can always try again tomorrow.

Never give up and always make you own luck.

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