Days with dad-Expedition Dust day 94-96

A few days ago I rode the last 30km into Birdsville with my dad. It was only 1130 but I headed straight for the pub to have a celebratory beer after finishing my crossing of the desert. I was ahead of dad because he had stopped to take some photos, I leaned my bike up outside the pub and pushed the door wide open, as it swung back it made a loud bang. Everyone inside went silent for a moment, I could feel the eyes of everyone follow me as I made my way up to the bar where I asked for the coldest beer on tap. As I sat there drinking my beer I looked up at the roof, it was covered in the hats of all the people who had done the hard yards in Birdsville over (roughly) the last 100 years! I became lost in thought wondering what hat was the oldest and who it had belonged to. I snapped out of my day dream when my father sat down next to me and let out a huge sigh followed by the statement, “well that biking sure makes my ass hurt!” He asked the bloke behind the bar to pour one of what I’m drinking and we raised our scooners to my successful desert crossing.  We headed off to meet up with Ben, Mark, and the Old fellas. Ben had taken all my camera gear out of the truck and was just about ready to leave back to Melbourne. I checked I had everything and we then said our final goodbyes. As Ben was leaving I gave him a bunch of drying desert flowers to pass onto his girlfriend to get him in the good books. Uncle Mark had got a cabin for us so after unpacking all the gear that needed washing I took a long shower followed by a much needed nap on the cabins couch! I didn’t do much more for the rest of the day, just slept and ate.

Rest day The next day was my rest and recovery day, dad put a huge lode of washing on while I caught up with th