Day of the Dingo-Expedition Dust day 45

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

I mixed my Radix up last night before I went to sleep. This meant that wen I woke up I could eat in in bed and not have to deal with the freezing cold morning for just a few minutes longer. It was such a great idea. We packed up faster than usual and set off down the soft sandy track towards mount Charles. I had forgotten overnight about my trailer/sleigh situation. I hadn’t actually forgotten it wasn’t a trailer anymore but I had forgotten it was Iike trying to ride a bike for the first time all over again. I fell off in the first 30 seconds. Speed is definitely my friend when it comes to balancing, but not too much or I get the speed wobbles.

Dylan and I had been riding for about an hour when up ahead I spotted two Dingos! I signaled to Dylan to slow down and stop so he could see them without scaring them away. They heard us coming and looked up. I expected them to take off running but Instead they came closer and closer, both Dylan and I got down in the long grass. I watched the curious dingos follow our scent, they came so close I could smell them. They did circles around us before disappearing back into the bush.