Cycling in an oven-Expedition Dust day 91

After my Radix this morning I decided I needed to live up to my Wildboy name and actually do a bit of off track desert riding. I had 4km of untracked Sandhills to cross before I would reach another huge salt flat. As I slowly made my way up and over the first sand hill I waved goodbye to south Australia and the Northern Territory, this was the last time I would see them both on this adventure.

Not long after I left, 3 dingos started tracking me. At first I spotted one who was quite brave, he ran along side me hiding behind trees every time I stopped moving. The other two looked like pups, they were learning from a distance by the look of it. The sand dunes without the tracks are much easier to ride on, but avoiding the thorns required 100% of my attention. There was only about 7 hills before the salt flat came into view, then there was 15km of nice hard packed salt to ride along before the sand hills began again.