The joys of the unexpected-Expedition Dust day 99

Today was dads first Radix breakfast. I made him the mixed berry flavour and he loved every mouthful. We packed away the camp pretty fast and headed out to investigate what the noise on the road was from. Sure enough it was what I had thought, two big yellow graders making the road smooth for us! The guy driving the machine stopped next to us and got out. He couldn’t believe it when i told him about my crossing. I said "I’m just doing what I love mate" and his reply was "I hope the new flat road helps make it easier" and it sure did. It was like being on smooth concrete the day just disappeared.

Everything for most of the day was flat, as we got to our lunchtime stop a small rock appeared on the horizon. After eating our dates and Peanut butter we got back on the bikes and rode off into the heat of the day. An hour later the small rock was now a huge rock cone, i marveled at its size and wondered how old it was. Dad was getting very sore. I gave him some Aussie butt cream to help stop the chafing and he said it definitely helped. Towards the end of the day we passed a council camp with all the vehicles from the roadworks team. Outside the camp the road had also be rolled. And the great road got greater, we were crushing the kilometers! There was a small pond just off the south side of the road I pull up stripped down and wet all my clothes. It was absolutely necessary as It was 42 degrees at t