Rest day at the road house-Expedition Dust day 9

I didn’t get as much sleep last night as I wanted  because I ate way too much food at the road house. I had lamb chops, a burger, three packets of Mi-Goreng noodles and a pack of gummy bears, I felt so sick. This always happens on expeditions, as soon as I can have fresh food I over do it and make myself sick. But I woke up this morning and again bought food from the road house. I had my continental breakfast but then I also brought two breakfasts wraps as well which had bacon, hash browns, egg and cheese. By the time I leave my body will have adjusted back to fresh food and I will have to re-adjust to Radix! Haha. I’m packing in as much food as I can because during the riding I am burning so much energy so I’m making the most of this food.

My day was full of sorting gear and organising things for Loren and I to part ways. I have a new adventure partner to join me! Yesterday when I met Dylan the tour guide I said "there’s a bike 15km up the road with nobody to ride it if you want to go on an adventure". He called me this morning and said “Brother! I would love to join you for some of the trip! I can pick up the bike and start in Meekatharra in just over a week". So in a weeks time for the next month Dylan will be part of Expedition Dust and I am absolutely stoked. He drov