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Rest day at the road house-Expedition Dust day 9

I didn’t get as much sleep last night as I wanted  because I ate way too much food at the road house. I had lamb chops, a burger, three packets of Mi-Goreng noodles and a pack of gummy bears, I felt so sick. This always happens on expeditions, as soon as I can have fresh food I over do it and make myself sick. But I woke up this morning and again bought food from the road house. I had my continental breakfast but then I also brought two breakfasts wraps as well which had bacon, hash browns, egg and cheese. By the time I leave my body will have adjusted back to fresh food and I will have to re-adjust to Radix! Haha. I’m packing in as much food as I can because during the riding I am burning so much energy so I’m making the most of this food.

My day was full of sorting gear and organising things for Loren and I to part ways. I have a new adventure partner to join me! Yesterday when I met Dylan the tour guide I said "there’s a bike 15km up the road with nobody to ride it if you want to go on an adventure". He called me this morning and said “Brother! I would love to join you for some of the trip! I can pick up the bike and start in Meekatharra in just over a week". So in a weeks time for the next month Dylan will be part of Expedition Dust and I am absolutely stoked. He drove by the road house today and picked up the bike and all of the gear for the trip. 

Like me, Dylan has ADHD, he seems really awesome and excited for what’s ahead. The fact that he has said yes to an adventure and gone ahead to make it happen is so awesome. I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with another person. Him agreeing gave me an idea..why have one person do the whole thing with me when I could share this experience with 3 or 4 individuals This adventure can be a platform for growth and personal development to a few more people. So if I can make it work and share this adventure with both you online and a few lucky people here in Australia that’s going to be my sliver lining.

For now it’s still just me. Tomorrow I will be leaving the Overlander road house and heading east and aim to be in Mekathara in just over a weeks time. My bike is fully laden with food, gear and water. Even though there is 3 potential places to refill my water I like to carry more than enough. It’s 486km to my next rest day! I am so excited to get into the outback.

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