Forty Kilometers of Bitumen-Expedition Dust day 8

I slept  with no fly on the tent last night so I could see the stars. It was beautiful and such a luxury to be warm and dry with the best view I could ask for.

The fly's were out with a vengeance from the moment the sun started to heat the land. I had my breakfast and got on the road quite early. It was a pleasant change pushing my bike out of the Bush where I was camping and onto a tar sealed road. The bike isn’t too fast on the road but it’s definitely faster than the sand tracks. The road rolled slowly down back towards shark bay road. Reaching the end of the Useless Loop road was another huge milestone for me. I can already tell that because the roads are so long every time I reach the end of one I’m going to feel like I have smashed another task.

I made sure to get a photo of myself under the steep point road sign before following the road east. I have been keeping my mate Dylan in the loop of where I have been as he drives a tour bus. Along the road two friendly women in a car pulled over and handed me a banana, thes