Big sand slog-Expedition dust day 5

Updated: May 26, 2019

The morning started with a conversation that I didn’t want to have. Loren didn’t sleep very well because she was in lots of pain and working through a lot of negative thoughts from the day before. We got up later than usual because I wanted Loren to get some sleep. Hopefully some extra time to rest would help her body and mind. We were essentially discussing if Loren was happy to do this for the next however long, and if she thought she physically could. It was an emotional discussion to have, but I could tell that Loren was losing her confidence, and not feeling happy about how things were going so far. In the end expeditions are tough and grueling but they still need to be fun, other wise whats the point?!

She said she wasn’t sure if she could do it, and she didn’t want to give up or let anyone down, I could tell she felt a lot of shame in saying she couldn’t do it. But she doesn't realise that makes her braver than most, being able to be honest with how shes feeling. I told her that she should be so proud of what she’s done so far as so many other people wouldn’t say yes to this adventure, and that there’s no failure, only success.