Before we go.

The day before we leave to ride bikes across Australia

I pushed my trip start date out a few days and my stress levels plummeted which was probably the best decision I have made at this point. I honestly had been feeling physically sick with stress! It didn’t feel right starting a journey like this one feeling not well physically and mentally. Everyone could tell I was stressed as I was running around like a manic headless chicken, but not really achieving anything. I used the extra time that I had since postponing the trip to do the final important preparations for the expedition. Lots of lists and writing for all the amazing sponsors that are supporting me.

We also had the opportunity to get out onto the bikes with just over half our gear loaded up. Our guide was an expat kiwi called James, who is a human cycling machine. He rode riding a single speed bamboo bike and it was sooo groovy! We were supposed to ride just for a few hours, but he spent the whole day with us. Together we rode 60kms, James showed us the sights of Perth and gave us some helpful cycling pointers. It was a great way to get to see the city and have a bit of a gauge for what the bikes are going to feel like on this trip.