Connecting with strangers-Expedition Dust day 109/110

I woke up very tired and quite lethargic. I made a cold radix meal as the wind was starting to pick up and I deemed it too unsafe to light a fire. The meals take a little longer to hydrate if using cold water so as I waited I stuffed my mouth full of dates and Peanut butter. I always like to leave a clean camp site it’s a big part of the reason I dig a hole to make my fire in, so that like this morning when I leave I can just fill the hole in and not worry about any embers blowing away and starting a bush fire.

By the time I was ready to move the wind had really started to blow. I felt electric after getting some food in my belly and knew it was going to be a fantastic day as the wind was coming from the west! I set off into a tail wind zooming along faster than a thirsty camel. The hills rolled and the sun pounded down on me, I got really hot in the middle of the day so I took my shirt off and let the wind cool me down. Halfway through my day I pulled into a small outback town with a few houses, a cafe and a pub! I had already been told not to visit the pub because I only have a little money left to get me to the end and apparently the owners arnt so friendly. I spotted an older man across the road, I could tell he was intrigued by what I was doing because he kept looking at me, his face was painted with curiosity. I headed over and it turned out to be a cafe and he was the owner. Locals always look at you different when you’re in their town.