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Connecting with strangers-Expedition Dust day 109/110

I woke up very tired and quite lethargic. I made a cold radix meal as the wind was starting to pick up and I deemed it too unsafe to light a fire. The meals take a little longer to hydrate if using cold water so as I waited I stuffed my mouth full of dates and Peanut butter. I always like to leave a clean camp site it’s a big part of the reason I dig a hole to make my fire in, so that like this morning when I leave I can just fill the hole in and not worry about any embers blowing away and starting a bush fire.

By the time I was ready to move the wind had really started to blow. I felt electric after getting some food in my belly and knew it was going to be a fantastic day as the wind was coming from the west! I set off into a tail wind zooming along faster than a thirsty camel. The hills rolled and the sun pounded down on me, I got really hot in the middle of the day so I took my shirt off and let the wind cool me down. Halfway through my day I pulled into a small outback town with a few houses, a cafe and a pub! I had already been told not to visit the pub because I only have a little money left to get me to the end and apparently the owners arnt so friendly. I spotted an older man across the road, I could tell he was intrigued by what I was doing because he kept looking at me, his face was painted with curiosity. I headed over and it turned out to be a cafe and he was the owner. Locals always look at you different when you’re in their town.

He introduced himself as Damon, we talked for a bit about my adventure. He then asked if I wanted a sandwich and a juice, “yes please” the kind man headed off to the kitchen, he came back soon after with the ham tomato and cheese sandwich. The bread was fresh and soft. As I was eating he went inside and came back with a little grey bag he placed the bag down on the ground and out hoped a little baby kangaroo! It was so cute. Damon went on to tell me that he rescues the kangaroos that have lost their mothers and he actually had 12 of them in his backyard. What a guy, I instantly liked him and got into a deeper conversation about purpose because anyone who cares about animals as much as this deserves my time.

After we had been talking for awhile he got up and asked if I could watch the Kangaroo while he did some fruit and veggie shopping at the pop up stall that comes once a week. Of course I said yes! While he was gone little kangaroo came and hopped onto my lap, my heart melted, it was the most gentle little creature ever. I wanted to keep it and be it’s new mother! Just before I left he took me inside and showed me a few of the other babies he’s rescued and told me about a men’s conversation group he was part of on the Gold Coast. when I’m finished I’ll try and go along and be sort of the conversation.

I put my music on and headed off towards Mitchell township. There were 6 long hills on this section of the road and the wind had blown the dust into the air making breathing more of a challenge. Eagles sometimes follow me for hours probably hoping I turn into dinner m, but i feel like a bad ass with like 7 eggles flying with me! 10km out of town I spotted a sin that said artesian hot springs! At that moment I knew where I was going. I rode along the river, it wound its way past horse racing tracks then over dam and finally into Mitchell! I stopped outside the pub to google where the hot springs were. A local guy named Steven called me over and invited me in for a beer. We chatted about life over a beer and he pointed me in the direction of the glorious hot water that my muscles had been pining for! I said thank you and headed off down the road, I leaned my bike up outside and cruised on in! It was blissfully soothing, just what I needed.

Back out on my bike I was aproached by a bloke named Shannon. He was intrigued about my adventure. He’s got a bloody good head on his shoulders. He invited me out for a beer and we talked about our life experiences. I then rode back to the campsite I was staying at to meet up with a friend who had driven 4 hours to say hello, she brought me dinner and a doggie to cuddle! We had a really good night! The last thing I said that day was thank the life and then I drifted of to sleep smiling.

The next day we grabbed a coffee before my mate Jemima left to head home. I had planned to head off around midday today and sat down to write. A man in his late 30s came and asked what I was up to. (To protect his privacy I’m going to give him the name jack) he bought me a coffee and shared his whole life with me from the beginning his relationship struggles his own inner struggles! It was one of the first times I was able to use my knowledge of life to help a strangers way of thinking. It made me feel very good about the person I am. As I headed back to the campsite to leave I met the owner and she said I was welcome to relax today and head off tomorrow, So that’s exactly what I did! I love my life.

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