Campfire Pies-Expedition Dust day 30

Dylan woke me up at about 7 to tell me the moon was going down as the sun was rising, it was wonderful to watch. We packed down the tent and made breakfast. Before we set off for the day I cleaned Dylan’s bike because his gears were playing up. Honestly I’m not a bike mechanic, after fiddling around with them for a bit they we’re still no better than before I started trying to fix them. The bike still works fine but it just makes a very loud clicking sound because in low gears the chain doesn’t quite line up with the other moving parts. Dylan is going to avoid his lowest gears for now.

We charged off into the morning. I was excited for what was to come as we were no longer on a road. In the first hour we rode 12km stopping only once to make sure everything was attached to the bikes properly. It was very bumpy compared to the roads we had spent the last 7 days on and I really didn’t want to lose anything. At about the 2 hour mark we passed a bore that had been forgotten about. The big black water tank was dry inside and the pipes were split. It’s a very harsh landscape now that we’re in the desert, we saw a dead dingo a dead cow and a dead camel. I rode over to the camel because I hadn’t seen one up close before . I couldn’t believe how big it was! A bird had made the mummified carcass into a home, it popped its bed out to see what was going on.