Biker gang-Expedition Dust day 78

I woke up overlooking the sandy landscape, the sun was already quite high in the sky and had started warming up the inside of the tent. The warmth had woken up the flys, I could hear them buzzing around. I crawled out of the tent and stretched my body, excitement levels were high because I had a treat for breakfast.

 I pulled the extra damper I cooked last night out of my pot and covered it in peanut butter, it was so delicious and a very nice addition to my Radix freeze dried meal. I was sending some update photos on the satellite phone when Ruby asked if she could start cruising alone because she understood that she was slower than me and knew i would catch up pretty fast. I said “you sure can” and just like that she was off. I was probably ten minutes behind when I left. As I slowly started to catch up I could tell she was in her zone, she was powering along the firm sandy track like a boss!

At about 10am a car approached us, I flagged it down because I wanted some information on where we were going and how bad it was really going to get. The Aussie bloke leaned out the window looked the bike up and down before saying, mate do you know where you’re going? He shook his head as I confirmed that I was heading towards Finke. He told me the road is pretty good for about 30km but when you past the big water tank tank on the right it turns to absolute rubbish (he used a few more ahhhh colloquial terms)