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Alone in the outback-Expedition Dust day 14

Once again it was a cold morning in the outback. I packed up and was riding by 0900, it was the windiest it has been yet. Today had a lot of unknowns as my maps on the tracker are very limited in the outback. I’m relying on a few other maps and satellite images.

The first few kilometers I was heading NE and then I turned to E the same way as the wind. At this point I was on what I thought was a farm track, sure enough a few more kilometers down the track there were two old buildings that were falling apart, it looked like an old shearing shed and a shearers quarters (it was kinda creepy). I didn’t muck around I just kept on cruising through that place the wind had intensified and was now picking the dust up and blowing it around in little tiny twisters.

My bike has started making an annoying squeaking sound so I put my headphones in so I didn’t have to hear it. I did a classic Brando on this trip again... I forgot to download music so all I have is 60 calming instrumental covers. I like that kinda music but it won’t be long utill I’m sick of these songs!

The landscape changed quite dramatically, there were red rock cliffs and in the distance I could see Mount Murchison. The wind was slowing me down from my normal 10kmh to 7.2kmh, it was getting tough but I was still feeling great. That was until I came over a small crest and spotted a dead dog that had been strung up in a tree by its back legs. I’m imagining it was shot dead before it was put in the tree but what the f*ck? Who does that? I mean I understand you have to shoot the dogs because they kill the stock but have some respect for the fact it’s a creature of earth. My blood was boiling as I cut it free and lay it to rest under a big gum tree.

That kinda changed the mood I was in, it was a few more hours later that I reached the minnawarra crossing (Ford) over the Murchison river. It was runing! An actual river! I stripped down and plunged into the cold clear water and washed the 4 days of dirt and sweat off my body and out of my hair. I washed my clothes in the river and then hung them out to dry for about 40min before getting back on the bike.

This afternoon brought a few surprises. A giant 1m long lizard with claws that could probably do some serious damage. It was like leopard print and it’s tongue was at least 15cm long, it was so cool! I left it alone and continued. The last part of the road/track was very soft sand, bit of a blast from the past!

I hit the end of the road at 1500hrs and then went off-road past a well and an old mustering camp (some old rusty beds and tin scattered about). There were lots of kangaroos that began to come out as the sun got low in the sky, they are such beautiful creatures. One even watched me set my tent up.

My camp is in the afternoon shadow of mount Murchison.

I’m hoping that tomorrow will be less windy. As I sit by the fire writing this I can’t help but wish I was sharing it with a friend or better with Ngaio my fiancé.

Tonight I feel quite alone.

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