Alone in the outback-Expedition Dust day 14

Once again it was a cold morning in the outback. I packed up and was riding by 0900, it was the windiest it has been yet. Today had a lot of unknowns as my maps on the tracker are very limited in the outback. I’m relying on a few other maps and satellite images.

The first few kilometers I was heading NE and then I turned to E the same way as the wind. At this point I was on what I thought was a farm track, sure enough a few more kilometers down the track there were two old buildings that were falling apart, it looked like an old shearing shed and a shearers quarters (it was kinda creepy). I didn’t muck around I just kept on cruising through that place the wind had intensified and was now picking the dust up and blowing it around in little tiny twisters.

My bike has started making an annoying squeaking sound so I put my headphones in so I didn’t have to hear it. I did a classic Brando on this trip again... I forgot to download music so all I have is 60 calming instrumental covers.