Alice Springs-Expedition Dust day 69

I was a little slow this morning after Calumn’s set up with the wine last night. I packed away my things while Calumn was over at the ruins taking photos in the morning light. Before we got on the bikes Calumn and I sat around the remannts of last nights fire. I sparked up some incense and while we ate breakfast we spent about 40 minutes talking about our emotions and feelings. It was so empowering to be open with each other. 

During this chat I felt as though I had a flashback to a previous life or something I imagined men gathered around a fire talking about themselves openly, even though it was just my vivid imagination it made me think why not? Why don’t men get out and connect with eachother? The question is simple “ how are you doing mentally mate? “If the answer is fine “tell me more, I want to know how your doing?” It’s that simple and you have created a way to begin to process anything that is causing suffering in your life.