Alice and onwards-Expedition Dust day 70-75

Calumn and I headed off down to the Sunday markets in Alice Springs to get breakfast and then deliver the second bike to the shop to get a service. I picked up my bikes new frame that Surly bikes had sent to replace the one  that was damaged from the corrugations.

 I was a bit worried about how much it was going to cost for everything after getting a quote for a $210 service! To be fair that’s probably pretty standard for a bike? I wouldn’t have a clue, this is the first bike I have ever got a service done on. I was siting down on the grass with Calumn, deciding what to do about my frame and if I was going to install it myself or if I just paid and got it done. I spotted a familiar face of another cyclist and called him over to eat with us. While we were eating breakfast I got a message on my phone from a local guy who said he had heard about me from a guy called Seth who met me in Yulara. He said he could help me put my frame together.