A pretty big day-Expedition Dust day 38

I woke up just as the sun was rising and opened my door (aka unzipped the tent) to get a better view. I wanted to roll back over and keep sleeping, but I didn’t. I got up and started packing up my things. I deconstructed one of my radix mixed berry breakfasts because I wanted to put all the blueberries in with the last of my muesli I also added dried mango and apricots. Before we both got on our bikes I sent two images on the sat phone to my dad showing the broken trailer and chain tensioner. after that we climbed onto our bikes and headed off down the hill and onto the road. To begin with I was feeling a lack of motivation to ride, I was just feeling a bit flat. There was nothing I could do about it so I just put my head down and started spinning. About 2 hours into the day I heard a rumble from behind. It was a convoy of super cat military  vehicles and the dust cloud it was making was crazy! They came past one after another the soldiers all acknowledging us with a friendly nod or a wave. As the the second to last truck went past I noticed a guy waving his arm off, It took me a moment to realise that it was one of my good mates! I will call him ‘Brad‘ to keep him anonymous. The convoy came to a halt and Brad came over to me to say hello, what an absolutely random place to meet. It was wonderful. Dylan and I chatted to Brad and the army boys for about an hour while they unloaded some dirt bikes and ate lunch. Just before they left three of them came over with a-rat pack of food with 6 meals 4 blocks of chocolate and two bags of m&ms. Back in the trucks they took a hard right and headed off down a 4wd only track. As for us, we continued straight with a few extra treats.