A long hard day-Expedition Dust day 79

I woke to the sound of a donkey singing and our friends with the motorbikes making coffee with a Nespresso machine! They definitely are not doing it rough. The bikers cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast and shared some of the bacon with Ruby and I, we ate our radix packed up our bikes and said our goodbyes before leaving.

We started off track, weaving our way around the trees and shrubs, the sand was soft and deep but I knew it would be so much worse on the track. I could see Ruby was struggling to control the bike so when we got to the top of the first sand dune I headed back onto the road. The guy I met yesterday was right, the sand was deep as...anything. I waited for Ruby to catch up and when she did she said “I’m just going to ask the motorbikers if they can give me a ride out of here”

 I suddenly felt so empty. I told her she was the boss of herself and she can leave whenever she wants to. We had a really open chat that resulted in her decision being to keep on pushing until she makes it to Finke. In the end it’s only going to be 3 very tough days at the most then she never has to do it again.