A cup of tea and cake- Expedition Dust day 17

When I woke I knew I was only 10km from Nookawarra station homestead (my first outback homestead). I was actually quite excited as I haven’t seen another human for three nights. I packed up all my gear leaving my satellite phone out and on. I was hoping I would get one last message from Ngaio before I put it in the Pelican case that’s strapped to the front of my bike. I was in luck, I received a lovely message from her wishing me the best day ever. That was a great start to my day!

I added water to my apple and cinnamon breakfast and put it in the Burley trailer for eating in an hour or two! I pushed my bike out to the road and got started.

In my head there were So many crazy thoughts drifting around... I was day dreaming about arriving at the homestead and someone coming out and saying “wow great timing I just made bacon and eggs on toast.” Then that I was riding down the drive and a big dog would come out and atack me. Then I thought, what if whoever lives there isn’t friendly...

By the time I rode the first ten kilometre