35 days to go-Expedition Dust day 97

I woke up to the sound of a dingo howling, I had slept under a big knotted gum tree. It was actually one of the first nights l just slept in my sleeping bag open and exposed to the potential crawlys and slitherers. As i lay in my bed looking at the sky, a flock of pelican swooped overheard. The area surrounding the river was alive with life. I got up and stoked up the fire for breakfast, before long I had a nice big pile of embers. Mark and my father Todd were awake and had started packing up. Mark brought the last of the bacon eggs and sausages out of this fridge and we cooked it all up on a grill over the fire. It’s been such a treat having delicious and fatty food for breakfast.

I headed over to the bike to pack up my sleeping gear. My front tire had gone flat overnight so before I loaded my bags I pumped that up again. I was ready to go but dad had the same problem with his back tire, I gave him the pump to put some air inside and we set off planing to meet with Mark in 20km time. We rode up the river bed towards the road, as we turned onto the road we were both hit by the strong south eastern headwind, I turned to dad and told him to be prepared for a very long day. It took 40min to travel 5.7km to the turn off back onto the Birdsville developmental road. Dads tire had gone flat again, I let out a huge sigh and asked him to pull up at the next sign so I could fix it. I pulled the cap of the wheel off and pumped about 200ml of new self sealing sealant inside. After air was added we were good to go again!