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Curious Explorers

Curious Explorers is a movement to inspire everyone, but specifically the little people. I decided to create Curious Explorers because I believe children need role models who are ordinary people, who choose to do extraordinary things. With this movement, I intend to travel between pre and primary schools, connecting with the Kids. I want to encourage this generation to be Curious, get outdoors, Explore, and respect nature.

Colouring Competition


Competition is open to anyone under the age of 15. There will be three age categories.

 Age 0-5 Age 5-10 Age 10-15

If you have a picture that you brought home and you want to be apart of the competition take a photo of your art and submit it here 

Want to participate and don't have a picture? You can download one below and join in on the fun.


Global competition  

   Ends on the release date of my new childrens book. 1st of April 2018.

Win a Wildboy 

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