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The purpose of On Air is to help you capture the video feed from multiple devices and broadcast different channels using a UDP multicasting protocol.Today, there is a growing number of users who want to establish a personal connection between their home PC and their portable devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, PCs, and consoles.What is more, not just a single device can act as the transmitter. Instead, you can choose several devices and arrange them in any preferred configuration.This is very important because it simplifies the selection process and helps you broadcast a single channel from several devices.Furthermore, you are able to choose a channel range for the video and audio streams separately, modify their attributes, and finally start or stop the streaming process.The main drawback is that the tool does not help you create a single broadcast and add it to your channel list. So, if you need to do these things, you will have to visit some third-party software programs.Nevertheless, On Air is a handy and lightweight application. What’s more, it offers you an intuitive user interface with all important setting tweaks placed at your fingertips.Key Features:• Simple and intuitive user interface• Support for multiple video streams, video and audio streams• Support for multiple devices, video and audio streams• Applies to all Windows versions (32/64-bit)• Flexible configuration settings• Support for portable devices• Portable running modeX-Stream HD is a revolutionary video streaming software that brings you access to high-definition video (HD) streaming services, such as CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, PBS, ESPN, and more.X-Stream HD Description:What Is X-Stream HD?When you want to view high-definition video streaming services, what do you do? Most likely, you turn on your computer, boot it up, and then visit a website that provides you with a list of available services.This is rather inconvenient and time-consuming because you must access the website first, open a browser window, select the video, select the audio, and then click on the start button.The good news is that X-Stream HD is a user-friendly program that allows you to access high-definition video streaming services directly from your PC without the need for any websites.What Is X-Stream HD?X-Stream HD is a revolutionary software application. Its purpose is to help you access high- 08929e5ed8

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