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Vanvcouver Island - Kayak Circumnavigation

Ngaio and I are embarking on our first big expedition together. Over the past 4 and a half years we have faced so many challenges together, we have supported each other and learnt so much. Now it’s time for us to face a new challenge, a Wildboy challenge! Our goal is to circumnavigate Vancouver Island on kayaks. I’m saying this is a goal because there are so many unknowns, the weather, the swell, our health, injuries and so much more. This is a huge challenge and one that I am so ready to face with Ngaio by my side. 1390km is how far we will need to paddle, we are hoping to kayak 30km per day. This expedition will test our endurance, strength, patience, grit and determination.

We want to show everyone how beautiful this environment is, and expose the wonders of Vancouver island that not everyone is able to experience. We want to encourage people to live sustainably and think about every choice they make, and ensure that they are making a conscious effort to keep this earth healthy. We want to experience the wonderful diverse wildlife which is so different to New Zealand, in the hope it will encourage others to respect all animals, to learn about them and discover the intricacies of different species. We hope you enjoy following our journey, and that it inspires you to get outdoors into the wonderful nature that surrounds us all.

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