The L bomb-Expedition dust day 76

I don’t think I have been as cold as I was last night on this journey. My mat has randomly started going flat and without that I’m pretty much sleeping straight on the dirt. Ruby woke up while I was writing to ask for socks because of how cold it was, the night was very long and my sleep was pretty bad.

Pretty much all of my gear is from Kathmandu except for my mat. My mat is made by Thermarest and it has been coming on my expeditions since I was 19. It has served me well with no problems for 793 warm and comfortable nights. I tried to find the hole but had no luck. The hole must be tiny as it takes about an hour to completely deflate. I’m thinking I might tape the whole thing, then I might be able to get another 100 days out of it possibly even 200 if I use the good tape. I made it to the morning without turning into an Ice cube but only just.

As the sun kissed the tent I spotted a dingo prancing his way down the old railroad between the tracks, I woke Ruby so we could share the moment. We got up packed up and set off along the side of old Ghan Railway track.