Vancouver Island - Day 58

It was another rainy morning on the east coast, we hunkered down in the tent and waited for the showers to pass. We packed up camp and got ready for our paddle to Campbell river. The spot where we camped was 10km from the confluence of where the tides meet. This meant that after paddling for a few hours we would reach the confluence, then the tides and currents would be running in the opposite direction. It’s so cool learning about how the ocean behaves here, the west coast and east coast are so different and there is always more to learn. We made good time up the coast, having the headwind and the current in our favour made us able to cover twice our usual distance.

There was a nice little swell rolling in behind us, just big enough to catch in the kayaks! I spent the day eyeing up the best waves and surfing them. It made me wish I had an empty kayak I could surf and play in the waves with. For the entire trip we have had the movie Blackfish saved on Ngaios phone, last night we finally watched it. It made u