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Vancouver Island - Day 48

There was another beautiful sunrise this morning, I set up my hammock and watched the sun slowly come up over the horizon. It’s such an awesome feeling being able to camp on a cliff top and watch the sun come up, this is why I love doing these adventures!

We left Salt spring island just after 9am, we aimed to paddle 25kms to the north end of Wallace island. If we camped there it would set us up nicely for getting to Nanaimo by the 22nd, that’s where Jesse and Austin finish their paddle. We are already sad about them leaving, it’s so great having them paddling with us, we might try to paddle past Nanaimo without telling them!

About 40 minutes into the day a thick fog rolled in, it was impossible to see what was coming toward us. We were all marvelling at how thick it was when a big boat sailed right past us, we had no idea it was coming. We kept close to the coast to stay out of the way of the bigger boats after that. The fog made some beautiful light patterns and everything was so still, there was a really nice calmness to the morning which we hadn’t experienced before. We paddled in comfortable silence, cruising along in the current. Eventually we noticed the fog had cleared and the sun was shining, it was a warm day, around 18 degrees I think! There was a group of small islands just off the coast, everyone thought that’s where we were staying but I had to break the news that it wasn’t. Luckily, Jesse was smart enough to do a double check on the GPS, turns out it was our island! We had made it there so quickly, it was only 1pm. I checked my paper map again, the islands aren’t even marked on it, no wonder I was confused.

We traversed the channel and paddled up the coast of Wallace island. We met four friendly kayakers on the way who let us know there was a camp site set up with tent sites and a washroom, pretty fancy, after where we’ve been camping! Our camp spot is primo and the little island is beautiful. Tonight we are planning the next few paddle days to make sure we stay with the currents and don’t miss out any awesome camp spots. 

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