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Vancouver Island - Day 45

We met Jesse and Austin at the dock at 9am. We wanted to have our kayaks packed and ready to go so we could paddle with the current rather than against it. We headed up to Ocean River sports to learn more about how the currents and tides work and how to figure them out for each spot we would be paddling. We said our final goodbyes to Brian and the team at the shop, it was crazy to think the next time we would be here would be when we are finished and returning the boats!

We had planned for a short paddle today, that way Jesse and Austin could get the feel of their boats and we would have time to enjoy ourselves and not be under any pressure. We made our way out of the harbour and back onto the coast. It felt great to be back on the water and even better to have company!

We landed on discovery island, a cool spot a few hours paddle from Victoria. We were looking for a flat spot for the tents when we came across what appeared to be a cougar poo. It was the first sign of a cougar that we have seen this whole trip! We set up camp making sure we made lots of noise so any wildlife nearby would know we were there.

Jesse set up a bonfire on the beach, complete with bench seats made from drift wood. We spent the evening cooking hot dogs over the fire and listening to the howling wolves as the stars came out.

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