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Vancouver Island - Day 43/44

After a weekend in Victoria we are ready to hit the water again (gently without breaking the boats). Ngaio and i have spent the past two days getting the kayaks ready to be on the water again. We’ve had to buy resin and fibreglass patches, I’ve been sanding the boats right back and making sure all the repair jobs will hold for the rest of the trip.

Jesse and Austin got their boats sorted today and checked out all their gear. We are ready to head out in the morning and we couldn’t be more excited! We plan to head to a spot called discovery island, that will be our camp spot tomorrow night. It will be the first day that we are timing the tides and currents so fingers crossed we get it right (Ngaio knows how hard it is to paddle against a current).

After finishing the repairs I touched base with Chris from Kayak HQ, it was great to have a chat and a catch up, even if we were discussing the damaged boats. I feel so so stoked that I am able to work with such down to earth, practical people, it makes the tricky situations so much more manageable when you can work through them as a team.

We’ve got 7 days of sunshine and light winds coming up so we are feeling good about the upcoming week. It’s time for some east coast adventures!

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