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Vancouver Island - Day 42

It felt so strange to wake up in the city to the sound of traffic rather than in the beach to the sound of waves. But we had a pretty good sleep, there’s nothing like a hot shower after 10 days of damp salty sweaty clothes. Once you get into civilisation you realise how grubby you really are.

We started our day by getting out our map and plotting some routes for paddling up the east coast. The main things we need to consider are the currents and properties on the coast. When we looked at the coast on satellite view we could see the next section of coast is covered in houses, not what we are used to after the west coast. We planned to paddle on the east coast but to stay on the islands off the coast, the small islands aren’t inhabited like the main land. We made the most of the wifi and checked up on the wind and the currents. The wind is looking light for the next 7 days and the weather is relatively fine. In the afternoon we met up with Jesse and Austin, they have come over from Vancouver to paddle with us to Nanaimo. We are really looking forward to having company on the next leg of the adventure, having some big fires and awesome camp spots!

We have noticed the temperature is starting to drop so we want to keep making progress around the coast, we’ve been warned that it will be very cold in November when we finish, even more so since we are finishing on the northern end of the island.

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