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Vancouver Island - Day 34

Drip drip drip ...

We woke to the unpleasant sensation of water dripping on our faces. It had been steadily raining all night and the water found its way into our tent. We had puddles in every corner of the tent! I got up and tied the fly out tighter while Ngaio busied herself drying out the inside of the tent and setting up a few water catching containers. So much for a snuggly birthday morning!

Once the tent was sorted and we had dried the inside, we were back in bed to Keep warm and dry. I made Ngaio tea on the gas cooker and she had a birthday breakfast of two minute noodles (she loves noodles). The rain was determined to keep us in the tent, Ngaio read her book and I dozed until the rain started to ease.

We put on our jackets and explored the island. Ngaio checked out the rock pools and watched the seals in the sheltered cove while I went to see the sea lion colony not too far away. As I ventured around the rocks I discovered many clearings where it looked like seals lived. The rocks were slippery so I was careful not to rush, now would not be the time for an injury! I spent the afternoon building a rock wall to make a big fire, then I found some big sticks, I stripped the bark and made a tripod... all this was to cook a turkey!

Ngaios birthday dinner was a turkey which I had hidden in my kayak when we left Tofino. It was rotisserie-ing for the afternoon, making us so hungry! As we waited for the turkey to cook we were treated to a beautiful sunset. Pinks and purples coloured the clouds, a true gift from nature.

The turkey was delicious, we both ate as much as we could and had so much left over (It wasn’t a huge turkey, it was the size of a big chicken). Tomorrow we head through the broken islands which should make for a beautiful day.

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