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Vancouver Island - Day 33

It was a beautiful morning in Tofino, the sun was shining and there was a cool autumn chill to the air. We made our way down to the dock to repack our kayaks and head off.

We had only had five days off but it took a while to get comfy in the boats again. Ngaio kept saying she didn’t fit in her boat and she was swearing that her legs had gotten longer. We paddled out of the harbour and onto the coast, passing little beaches tucked away in the rocks.

We passed some of the bigger beaches near Tofino where the swell was pumping, no wonder it’s a surf destination. The further we paddled the less houses we saw, until eventually it was just us and the coast again (there was a main road just off the coast but we couldn’t see that).

You would think after such a long rest that our muscles would be relaxed and ready to do a big day. Alas, it didn’t take long for the same niggly spot on Ngaios shoulder to start flaring up, or the pain in my back to remind me of its existence. We were a bit slow on our first 20km, we made it half way by about mid afternoon, it looked like it might be a long evening at that rate. Thankfully our bodies let us pick up the pace and smash out the last 20km in good time. We made it to the broken islands around 5:30pm after covering 40km.

We are staying on an awesome island with a seal colony not far away. It sounds like we are camping on a farm with all the barking and honking the seals are doing.

It’s Ngaios birthday at home today so I tried to keep her mind busy to stop her getting home sick. I know she misses her family, animals and home town so I blessed her with my wonderful singing voice to make sure she kept smiling!

Wait until she sees what I’ve got in store for her tomorrow, on her Canadian birthday!

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