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Vancouver Island - Day 32

Today was all about preparation. Getting ourselves ready for the next leg of the trip. We are both really keen to get back on the water, for a number of reasons.

The biggest reason is that it is now October, the weather is very changeable and it won’t be getting any better. We need to finish paddling the west coast before the wind, swell and weather keep us here forever!

We also have friends waiting to meet us in Victoria and we desperately don’t want to miss them. It means so much to us that people want to join us and support us on this mission so we are doing all we can to get to Victoria on time.

We can’t wait to be back to camping on a new beach every night and making some more progress around the island. We aim to get to the broken islands on the 5th of October, Ngaios birthday!

The weather gods have thrown us what looks like a very windy day for the 5th but we hear the broken islands are beautiful. Although we won’t paddle when it isn’t safe, it’s now at the point where we will paddle on days where perhaps it won’t be fun, but we will make some progress. This is so that we can finish the west coast before the weather really turns.

A bit of a push coming up, but nothing we can’t handle!

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