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Vancouver Island - Day 28

We rose to the smell of fresh bread and coffee this morning, mmmm. We are staying at a little budget bed and breakfast, the cheapest spot in Tofino and we couldn’t be happier with it. After fresh bread and fruit we headed into town to explore. We went to art galleries and the museum, I really wanted to learn more about the First Nations tribes and the culture on Vancouver island. It was harder than we both expected to get any sort of cultural experience or information with detail. I don’t want to know white mans explanation of the culture, I want to gain an understanding about how the First Nations connect with the earth I want to learn their beliefs and even explore the way of life and the traditions that date back thousands and thousands of years.

We walked out to a beach gorging ourselves on evergreen huckleberrys and explored the coast on foot, rock hopping and checking the tidal pools.

The south easterly wind is what was stopping us from paddling today, we are hoping it eases off tomorrow.

We got out our map this evening to plot out how far we would need to do each day to get to a suitable camp spot, safely in good conditions. It’s tricky in this area as many of the beaches are busy public beaches, we’ve been in the wilderness with entire islands to ourselves until now!

We are enjoying our break with yummy food and lots of walking. We are pleased to report back that our legs still work. We are looking forward to getting back on the water when the wind passes, with hole free boats and all!

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