Vancouver Island - Day 21

Today was the first of three early mornings. The alarm went off at 3am, it was pitch black and we could hear a light rain on the roof. We packed breakfast into the front of our PFDs and headed down to the boats. We set off with Ngaio wearing a head torch and I had a navigational light strapped to the top of my boat. Ngaio was finding it disorienting not being able to see where we were going or what the ocean was doing but I was using the GPS to navigate through the reefs so I knew exactly were we were.

Even though it sounds like the complete wrong thing! I turned off both our lights and waited, letting our eyes adjust to the dark. Pretty quickly we could see the skyline and the islands out at sea. Once our eyes had adjusted we paddled with our lights off, ready to switch them on if we saw any other boats. As soon as the lights were gone it became a magical morning. Everything that moved, lit up. Each time our paddles touched the water it would glow, a light rain was falling creating the most magical appearance of stars shining in the ocea