Vancouver Island - Day 17

I got up early this morning to get the fire going, fish for breakfast! There was a pretty sunrise and the weather was looking fine. There were however, some large waves breaking in our bay. The waves were similar to the waves at Hahei, a dumpy shore break.

We got our camp packed up and made a plan for a surf launch. We decided to do what’s called a ‘seal launch’, where we use the steep beach to our advantage to slide us into the water. I waited for Ngaio to go first just incase things went wrong. Her boat hit the water and instantly rolled, Ngaio managed to roll the boat back up at the same time I got in the water gave her boat a big push and told her to paddle hard. She made it out past the next breaking wave and into the calm water, phew. I had the same problem as soon as my boat hit the water, I went sideways but was able to correct myself, punched through the swell and paddled out to Ngaio.