Vancouver Island - Day 4

It was another beautiful morning on the north coast of Vancouver Island, the sea was flat and the air was still. Ngaio had woken with a head ache and not feeling her best. I remember feeling the same when I was starting out on big expeditions, it’s like the body and mind need time to adjust. We took things slow and headed onto the sea at 10:30am.

We both had dried our paddling gear by the fire the previous night so we had nice dry clothes, a foreign thing on expeditions like these! As we made our way around the coast we were followed by a couple of sea lions, they are big and noisy but I think they are mostly curious and playful.

We came to a beautiful bay where I stopped to take some photos, I hear Ngaio swearing behind me. I turn and look and there are no less that 15 HUGE sea lions all with their head and necks bobbing out of the water, checking us out. They make a noisy sound when they breath, kind of like a dolphins blow hole, they were so noisy and excited, diving and jumping and following the boats. We kept paddling and they followed