Vancouver Island - Day 1

Our last night in a bed was in an awesome air bnb in Port Hardy. This will be our start and finish point for our kayak adventure around Vancouver Island. 

We woke to the pitter patter of rain on the roof, typical for it to rain on day one of our paddle! Our wonderful host Kelly made us our last fresh meal, breakfast burrito with eggs, bacon and avocado, Ngaio was adding a tonne of hot sauce to hers (she would regret that later).

With a busy morning of last minute arrangements and details, we headed off packed and ready for action at around 2pm. Tyson, Kelly’s partner, kindly offered to help us with getting the kayaks to the water. Fully packed, each kayak weighed around 90kg, we balanced the kayaks on the tray of Tyson’s truck, Tyson drove and Ngaio and I ran behind, each holding the