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What the heck do you take on a polar expedition anyway

Incase you weren't aware, I'm currently on my way to Greenland! Thanks to the Antarctic Heritage Trust, myself and three others are attempting to cross the second largest polar ice cap in the world, in honour of Fridtjof Nansen, the fist person ever to complete this mission.

We have been given a huge amount of gear from Kathmandu for our Greenland crossing. We will be wearing the new XT range and putting it through its paces. It is such a surreal feeling, packing thousands of dollars worth of gear into huge Kathmandu bags, knowing that 18 months ago I couldn't have afforded even one of the 4 jackets we have been given.

There is gear I have never used, like our snow shoes. This sparks excitement in me, new gear for new terrain on a new adventure.

What the heck do I pack to take with me to a giant iceberg anyway?

Well I will definitely need some good old chapstick, this is in the hope that I still have lips when I return from Greenland.

To compliment the chapstick I have superglue to glue up any cracks in my lips, I just have to be careful not to glue my mouth shut.

Zinc! This is to save any part of my face (that isn't covered by the balaclava, breathing apparatus and goggles) from bursting into flames from the reflection of the sun on the snow.

Ill definitely need some goggles so that I don't return home with holes where my eyes used to be, or go snow blind and wander into a polar bears nostril, he wouldn't like that.

My most recent purchase, my pride and joy, a fur hat. Now I won't be disclosing if this is real fur, fake fur, my own fur... too much drama if we go there.

So on top of these essentials we have skis, ski skins, poles, four different jackets, thermal underwear, thermal layers, trousers, over trousers, snow shoes, gloves thin and thick, four different kinds of mittens, crampons, camp beanie, camp shoes, sleeping bag to keep us alive in -25 degrees, sleeping mat to stop my bum freezing in -25 degrees, dehydrated food, fuel- enough fuel to cook food and cook water because thats what you have to do on a large chunk of ice, cook your water...Im hoping someone is bringing toilet paper of some sort because there won't be any leaves we can use like in the New Zealand bush.

I don't want anyone to worry, I have packed all the necessary filming gear to capture this experience. I will film my struggles for others entertainment. This is no easy feat. This involves packing cameras that won't freeze, charging cables, solar panels in the hope there is sun, batteries, satellite phone and more batteries. No power points in the tents so hopefully these batteries will last for a month!

On a more serious note, we are so lucky to have been given so much awesome high quality gear. Without the funding from the Antarctic Heritage Trust and the gear from Kathmandu, there is no way I would have ever been able to go on this expedition.

Time to go and put it to the test!

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