Day One. Expedition stewart island

The first day of walking.

I made my way down to the beach where I had organized for the kids from the local school here in Oban to meet me, the whole school came down and were waiting for me to leave.It was such a great feeling knowing I was going to be able to share this special moment with the kids. I drew a line in the sand and said ” let’s do this” The kids and I took the first step of my expedition. Together we made our way along the first beach and onto secret locals track around to the next beach. The kids were frothing at the chance to be out on a school day exploring around the rocks. I felt so proud that I had started this. One of the younger boys came up to me and complained that he was going to have to walk back and that it wasn’t fair that he had to walk further than me… I don’t think he realized what I was doing. Together we went around to one more bay before they left me and headed back to school before they walked away they gave me a huge group hug. That made me feel so good. A friend I had made over breakfast had also joined me on this short lit