Safe passage dad-Expedition Dust day 106-107

I woke up and headed down to the river to the puddle of water I had set the Yabbi net up in.

On the first of September I decided to start a movement in my life, I’m calling it minutes of meditation. Every morning when I wake up I go and sit on the ground and take ten conscious breaths as the sun is rising. I then tell myself aloud, I am kind I am brave I am beautiful and I am to my own liking.

Once I was done with my morning ritual I pulled the net from the pool of water discovering 14 yabbys had been captured. I marched off back to the tent to present my catch to my dad. He was beyond impressed “Brando I can’t believe you caught them in a puddle of muddy water” we cooked them over the fire in a pot of salted boiling water, they were delicious but not quite enough to fill the belly so we made a plan to stop in 20km at the Fox trap in Australias smallest town, Cooladdi. We packed our things away and headed off.