Lost in the bush-Expedition Dust day 43

My name is Brando Yelavich. I’m currently cycling self supported from the most western point to the most eastern cape across the centre of Australia to lead by example and empower others to take care of their own mental wellbeing. 

Both Dylan and I woke up at sunrise today, the tent was glowing in the beautiful orange morning light. It was cold, like so so cold. Dylans drink bottle was frozen solid and as I poured the water from my water bladder into my metal pot it turned into a frozen slushy instantly. We are normally quite slow in the mornings but today we must have both been on the same wavelength because we were straight into packing up our gear onto the bikes. I was half expecting to find a flat back tyre but the rubber plug I pushed into the hole last night was still holding (well mostly). We had gotten up early to make the most of the cooler part of the day and to utilise the limited hours the sun is actually in the sky!

After eating our breakfast we pushed the bikes over to the road and jumped on. It’s kinda a double edged sword because on the track is almost impossible to ride along and off the track it’s like a bloody mine field of sharp, broken and burnt sticks waiting to put big holes in your tyres. In the end we mostly pushed our bikes off track in the sand.