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On the ice-Day 20

Twenty days on an ice cap. Nothing grows here, there isn't anything colourful, except for us of course. I saw an ice halo today, its like a frozen rainbow, it was very cool!

So the good news is that we have officially passed the half way mark in distance. It took us all this time to ski 277 kms, that's an average of 13.9km per day, if we were walking every day, but as we all know we had full days without walking due to the weather.

Today we walked 31kms which is great!

All geared up!

Now the not so good news is that we have seven days to cover the 250 kms in front of us to get to the coast where our pick up point is. To make it there on time we will have to walk at least 35kms every day. I honestly feel that as a team we will struggle to cover that distance every day. Most of the team are spent after 10 hours, we would need to be walking more like 12 hours to cover the 35kms.

I can feel the tension building in the team, we are all starting to realise the reality we are facing and what needs to happen. In my opinion we need to walk until we reach our target every day, its as simple as that. I'm sure we will find a way, as a team, to push through and get it done. We should start heading downhill soon so i'm sure we will get faster.

Its been a great day today, I listened to some music which always makes me go loopy, then I spent a good hour making my gloves talk to each other like puppets.

I miss my Ngaio more than ever. I can't wait to see her when this amazing adventure is over.

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