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On the ice-Day 18

I had a terrible sleep. I only managed to get one hour before I had to get up to start the day.

I was fighting back tears all morning. Even the most simple tasks like communicating with the team, putting my boots on or warming my hands, they just felt like impossible tasks.

The day was sunny but also very windy. The wind chill temperature was -39 degrees, it was freezing (I hope you aren't sick of hearing how cold it is because theres plenty more where that came from). Once I was all rugged up in my warmest Kathmandu gear I joined onto the back of the line and began the hardest day yet. Every step felt like a huge task, I really dug deep to make it through.

The full kit, can't even tell who's under there!

We walked for an hour before stopping for a quick break. My face was burning where the gaps around my mask were. I looked around at the team and I could tell everyone was as tired as me, or maybe for once I was as tired as everyone else.

We only did four legs today as the wind was wearing us down. I was so exhausted at the end of the day. The forecast says tomorrow is going to be windier again so we will get a late start. Hopefully I get a better sleep tonight, sorry for the short update. Time for rest now.

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