No Place Like Home

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August 27, 2015
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September 28, 2015

No Place Like Home

New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud. This is the land of opportunity New Zealand is pure. You can drink from our rivers and live off our land, the people’s hearts are full of love, and the hospitality and generosity they show is what makes this place one of the most beautiful places I know. I am proud to call it home.
I once thought that home was were you were born or even were you were raised but I was wrong..
home is were your heart is, home is were you feel comfortable. for me home is werever I lay my head at the end of the day. one of the sounds that reminds me of home is the sea. the waves crashing onto the coast I can imagine I would like to sail around the world, following the wind and currents from country to country slowly drifting wave after wave. It feels right to be cruising on the oceans one day I will call that home.well that last bit was a bit random there is so much untouched beauty to explore right here in New Zealand, its waiting for you, its calling out your name! get out there and go on an adventure. Nature is the most powerful drug around, it can do amazing things for your health. Go outside and enjoy the amazingness that surrounds us!don’t forget to remember were home is. <3

With the right attitude you can achieve anything.


don’t ever stop being you! this world is there to be enjoyed to be explored! you are in charge of your life nobody can stop you other than yourself!
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