Some of the most beautiful places are in our back yard!

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August 16, 2015
Waterfall Hunting
August 25, 2015

Some of the most beautiful places are in our back yard!

Our back yard here in New Zealand is full of beautiful sights just waiting to be appreciated.
i was so surprised to find that 99% of the travellers i met well i was walking around the coast were not from New Zealand. we live in one of the most spectacular places in the world yet how much of this beauty has the ordinary kiwi seen.. i can’t tell you exactly but i can tell you there sure are more friendly foreigners than kiwis exploring what New Zealand has to offer.
it is surprisingly cheep to travel in your own country, well it can be. Im a big believer in seeing whats around your home land before packing a bag and heading off on a huge adventure overseas.
we need to take the time to appreciate whats right in front of us.


Cathedral Cove cliffs Coromandel New Zealand.
adventures don’t have to be huge to be fun and exciting, most of my adventures at the moment start after work and last just over an hour. For me its about exploration and finding new things in hidden locations. for now i live in the coromandel. It is truly an adventure playground it has so much to offer and theres always somewhere new to go. so why don’t you take the time to explore your own back yard.

“what are you waiting for, get outside, start exploring”


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