Brando Yelavich Adventurer

Diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia in my school years, I found conventional learning a great challenge, so much so that my dream of one day joining the army would never happen due to my learning difficulties. This realization set me on a roller-coaster ride that was going nowhere good fast. My relationship with my family, friends and community were at breaking point. I needed something big to get my perspective in check and find out what sort of man I wanted to become.

So I found my Everest and became the first person to circumnavigate New Zealand’s wild beautiful coastline by foot. It took two years and I proudly now go by wildboy.

My name is Brando Yelavich. Welcome to Wildboy Adventures.

I left Cape Reinga on February 1, 2013 with a 50kg pack and an expectation that he would be back home within a few months. Some 570 days and over 8,000km later I emerged from a life changing adventure that saw me walk, swim, climb and raft my way around the entire coast of my home country.

This journey changed me. I overcame near death incidents, loneliness and enormous physical and logistic obstacles. My emotions ran wild but i forged a new future and came back with a completely altered view on the world and my place in it.

And once you start walking its hard to stop, so I haven’t.

The adventure continues.

Mount Cook National Park

The best dreams happen when your awake

Brando Yelavich - Wildboy